Microsoft Excel Automation with Powershell

Do you want to take your Excel skills to the next level? Did you know that you don’t need Excel to work with Excel files? Sometimes doing things programmatically is a bit easier than pointing and clicking. Or maybe you need to process a lot of files really fast, over and over again. Powershell automation with Microsoft Excel is possible!

In this video you’ll see how you can update Excel workbooks and worksheets with a Powershell script.

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Automated Reality Channel Episode One Released!

IT WORKS. IT. FREAKING. WORKS. I wrote a few months ago about this idea to automate my youtube channel. Now, at the time the idea wasn’t really well defined. I decided I wanted to do something and then I had to figure out how I was going to do it. I should have shut up and built it first, but I was too excited and prematurely let the idea out. It happens to everyone. Over time though I crafted a more well-defined concept. You can see the whole evolution in this playlist in fact.

Well, I finally put together something I would consider a prototype. Despite many hiccups, lingering issues, and generally losing faith in the idea I managed to put together the scaffolding for a working project. This is how it all works.

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Reduce memory usage of Gradle and Kotlin for Android development DevOps

When you’re building your android project locally your machines probably have a lot of horsepower. When you’re running in a DevOps workflow such as continuous integration and delivery you may not have as many resources. This can cause your builds to run out of memory. Here are some quick tips to help reduce the memory usage of your Gradle and Kotlin builds for Android development.

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Every Content Creator Should Know This - Creative Commons CC0 License &

Creating content all by yourself is really hard, so it’s helpful to use art, music, and other assets to help you share your message. If you want to monetize your content you need to be especially careful. If the content you create utilizes the copyrighted works of others then you might be in for a world of pain. Thankfully Creative Commons has been around for a few years helping content creators by creating content licenses.

These licenses are easy for content creators to understand, and help them share their works for others to use in various ways. One license is incredibly useful for content creators to know about, which is the CC0 license

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Making pretty

I’m not a designer. I have a terrible sense of design really. Though I feel like it has improved considerably over the years. Hopefully, that trend continues. And while I believe through hard work anyone can become great at what they put their mind to some people simply have an innate advantage. That’s okay because collaboration is what makes every project great. I don’t know anyone who built something great by themselves. The Great Pyramid of Giza? The internet? Kim Kardashian’s butt? All of these took the efforts of many to achieve their notoriety. People have always built off the efforts or inspirations of others.

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