How I orgaize my life with apps

I do a lot of stuff. Like, I should probably chill out a bit, but I can’t. I have a lot of passions, and they keep me super busy. I work an (almost) full-time job at a tech startup for the moment. Anyone that has worked for a startup knows that there’s an endless amount of work that needs to be done and usually not enough people to do it.

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Advanced function parameters in Powershell

If you’re not making use of functions in your Powershell code then you need to stop what you’re doing right now and learn about them! But where?!? Oh, click the video below and watch. That will get you started.

That’s awesome! Now you know what functions are! Exciting! But after you’ve made a function you’ll probably want to adapt it a bit. Reusability of code without some customization is super limiting. Next you’ll want to learn how to add parameters to your functions. By adding parameters to your functions you’ll unlock the true power of functions in Powershell! Thankfully the video below will get you up to speed on function parameters in powershell. Then you’re ready for the advanced stuff!

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How to get around the jekyll-pagination-v2 limitation of GitHub pages with CircleCI

Github pages is a damn modern marvel. You can put together a basic website hosted for free from a jazillion templates available on the internet. Buy a domain name. You’re set. Push up changes to the source on GitHub and they regenerate the site. AMAZING. Almost as good as geocities was. But using GitHub pages the way GitHub suggests has some limitations. Jekyll has soooo many helpful plugins that you can use outside of the oens offered on GitHub pages. Such as the jekyll-paginate-v2 plugin. And if you want to use the jekyll-paginate-v2 plugin with GitHub pages you’re out of luck! They don’t support it. Which means you can’t do pagniation of collections - a very useful feature when you want to build more complex websites or blogs using jekyll. But we can work around this with a bit of scripting and CircleCI.

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How I made the website FAST on GitHub pages with Cloudflare and CircleCI

The performance of my website recently tanked. On Google PageSpeed Insights I had a ~99 rating. I looked at it recently and it TANKED down to 44. 44! The whole point of this blog was to journey into learning more about SEO. One of the most important metrics for Google Page rank and general SEO ranking is the speed of your website. 44 was unacceptable. I needed to change some things FAST to make the website FAST. I even have the charts to show how much faster it is. Wait until you see the results!

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CircleCI Nick Young meme for your overconfident developers

Do you have overconfident devs on your team pushing up code and calling it a day? Only to find out their jobs failed on CircleCI? Now you have something to send them to let them know it isn’t time to celebrate until the job is green! Check out the full post for the video with sound and the giphy.

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