Working from home is overrated and you need to know why

It’s trendy because of the global pandemic, but people have likely learned by now that working from home isn’t so great. Having worked from home for seven-ish years now, I feel very comfortable saying that. And it’s not only because I’m not wearing pants as I write this. It’s also because I’m laying in bed, with my heated lumbar support. I’m very comfortable saying all of this. So let me tell you why working from home isn’t so great!

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My code is in the GitHub Arctic Code Vault

I opened up GitHub the other day to find I had a new badge called Artic Code Vault Contributor. Excuse me? Wat? Some of you might be thinking, “of course! The Artic Code Vault”. But I had no fucking clue what that meant in the slightest. So I did what most people do when they’re trying to shake the dumb from their brain. I Googled, “What is the Artic Code Vault?”. And this is what I saw.

Read More is a Progressive Web App (PWA)

I finally did it. is now a Progressive Web App. Did it take long? Nope. A couple of hours. I was trying to do it from memory. It should have taken about 20 minutes. Whoops. So it’s there, it’s working, it’s incredible, and what the hell is a PWA?

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Simple tips for great tutorial videos

So I’ve had my youtube channel for over eight years now. Am I a “YouTuber”? Not really. The channel is pretty small, and I don’t post content as often as I used to. Have I improved in those eight years? You’re damn right, and that’s what I really love most about the channel. My hard work is on display. I figured it was a good time to critique my first video and share some of the things I learned about creating tutorial videos on youtube.

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