Host your own private docker registry with Portus

If you’re familiar with docker then you’ve probably used DockerHub. Dockerhub is AWESOME. I absolutely love (most of) it and what it does. DockerHub is simply a docker container registry. It’s a place where you can store, pull, and share docker containers.

It’s not the only container registry. Google has their own container registry where you can upload your images. Microsoft and Amazon also have docker container registries. All of that is great, but what if you want to host your won docker images in a private registry. Those registries I mentioned have support for private accounts, but I’m going to reveal how you can host your own private container registry that you control.

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How to build a monetizable web app in 60 days

Well, 63 days if we’re going by the latest commit in the repo. But that’s close enough! Do you have any side projects? I have tons of them. I have side projects that are waiting on side-side projects for the side project that will (fingers crossed) make them even more awesome (when they’re finished (if ever)). Do you have any side projects that make money? Ah, now THAT is a much rarer sighting. I’ve personally never had a side project that was capable of generating money on its own.

I suppose the Youtube channel does, but it’s nothing to write home about. Every once in a while we’re sitting at our desk thinking we could be doing something better with our time, and changing the world with code! And I’ve had that moment many times myself. I have an idea. I get started on it. It turns out to be way harder than I thought. It doesn’t just happen to individuals. It happens to companies as well.

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