Cleandows-10: Remove unwanted apps and services from Windows 10 with Powershell

January 12, 2019 Edit

Well, this is really cool to see! I had a fellow scripter drop into the Discord channel asking some questions about one of my videos. Windows restore points with Powershell - super exciting content. I wasn’t very helpful, but they did show me what they were working on. Some really cool Powershell scripts for windows 10 to remove apps and services.

It was actually interesting to peek into the world of PowerShell on Windows 10 looking at the code. Oh Windows, you bloated monstrosity. I was just praising Microsoft on twitter for all of the recent good karma they’ve earned. All of my development work is done with an open source Microsoft IDE. How crazy is that? VSCode is amazing! Of course, I also push all my code up to GitHub. Now owned by Microsoft.

Microsoft killed Atom browser and then bought out GitHub. So they embraced and extinguished. They’re almost back up to their old tricks! Oh, wait, Windows Subsystem for Linux. There’s your extend right there. We better keep an eye on this. It all sounds too good to be true…

Still, I do all of my development on Linux/macOS so they haven’t quite pulled me back in yet. I’m still using Windows 8.1 on a six-year-old laptop. But it’s mostly for games and uhh because it’s there. Works great. No complaints. Thankfully though I’ve been provided a fancy maxed out MacBook Pro through work. That’s where all of the development magic happens. Microsoft and the Windows team are going to have to pull some real magic to make that change.

Glad to see Powershell is alive and thriving though. Helping to remove all the bloat for users on Windows 10.

Checkout cleandows 10

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