That time I destroyed a customer's computer

This was a very different video than I’m used to making! I’m pretty sure this is the first storytelling video I’ve made for the channel. Sharing a not so spectacular experience from early on in my IT career.

I managed to wipe a customer’s entire hard drive, and that was a pretty grim week for me. But shit happens. We learn and move on. I’m well aware the video is corny as hell with the background audio. I like corn.

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The best nodejs version manager - n

Nodejs is the javascript runtime that will not go away even though people have been complaining about it for a long time. Things get trickier when you add npm into the mix. Your project you want to work on might require an older version of nodejs, but you have the latest and greatest version installed.

The incredibly simple tool with a fitting name called - n - can help you quickly manage the version of node that you’re currently using.

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How I got a job with a ridiculous opening email.

A couple of years ago my then girlfriend wanted to find a better job. I had a lot more experience going on interviews and generally traversing the drudgery of job searching so I helped her through the process. She found a job posting that interested her but wasn’t within the umbrella of her education or previous work experience. I jokingly commented that I could probably get the job before she did, and this ended up turning into a competition. I had no relevant education or work experience in this field either, but I’m a great bullshitter so I gave it my best shot. We both applied for the job with our own unique approaches. The job title was Junior Amazing And Talented Content Creator. The following is the email I sent them. All grammar and spelling mistakes included.

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