That time I destroyed a customer's computer

September 30, 2018 Edit

This was a very different video than I’m used to making! I’m pretty sure this is the first storytelling video I’ve made for the channel. Sharing a not so spectacular experience from early on in my IT career.

I managed to wipe a customer’s entire hard drive, and that was a pretty grim week for me. But shit happens. We learn and move on. I’m well aware the video is corny as hell with the background audio. I like corn.

Anyway, I’m going to think about making more videos like this. I’ve been in the game for almost fifteen years at this point. There’s been many highs and lows. If someone can learn or laugh at those experiences it’s worth sharing. We’ll see. I haven’t had a lot of time for making videos lately, so I need to figure out how to streamline my creation process if I want to get anything out at all.

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