MrPowerScripts 2020 Review

January 04, 2021 Edit

Well, 2020 was… interesting — what a challenging year for personal development and growth for everyone. Many people were forced into habit changes. Many had to learn how to be productive working remotely. Fortunately, I have been working remotely for around eight years, so it wasn’t much of a change for me. I do enjoy spending time inside, so even the quarantines we’re THAT unusual. Okay, my life didn’t change much in 2020, as it turns out. I spent a lot of time stuck inside working from home.

But many people suffered, and that was probably the most challenging part for me. Watching people around me struggle, lose their jobs, business, or have to make other significant lifestyle changes. It wasn’t a cakewalk for me either. There were some terrifying moments and times where things could have shifted in the wrong direction. But I have to recognize how fortunate I was overall. I spent as much time and energy as I could supporting friends and family in need. There isn’t really much else to do with the current situation. Sometimes just being there for someone to chat with is the best way to help.

This is a time where being annoying positive can be a benefit. Like, ya know, when the entire world is falling apart. Might as well play that violin while the ship is sinking.

I wanted to create a lot more content in 2020, and I would say I did a fair job compared to 2019. LET”S LOOK AT THE RUNDOWN.


  • 19 blog posts
  • 3 podcasts
  • 15 youtube videos
  • 0 twitch streams


  • 18 blog posts
  • 11 podcasts
  • 8 youtube videos
  • 2 twitch streams

So 2020 was the introduction of more new kinds of content. Spending a bit more time trying to podcast and less time YouTubing. I started a twitch channel so all the kids on my discord could heckle me as I struggle to learn things I worked to learn over 15 years ago. Math, Math never changes.

The youtube channel didn’t grow all that much—almost the same views and growth of 2019. But from what you can see above, the channel didn’t get a whole lot of love. Only eight youtube videos. Two of which were twitch stream exports. Ah well.


The blog, however, had its moments of growth. I spent a lot more time learning about SEO in 2019 and improving my writing around those bits of knowledge in 2020. This led me to write a few fun articles that quickly ranked on google searches leading to more site traffic. They weren’t exactly tech, but I definitely found some niche things I thought were interesting to write about. And it seems other people were searching for it. So I got a bit of a boost in the middle of the year a few weeks after writing them. Overall the site improved and rebounded from an early-year slump.

Google Analytics


Google Search Console


I’m going to keep on writing, podcasting, and hopefully make some more youtube videos.

I also spent a tremendous effort on some other personal side projects. They’re a bit outside the scope of MrPowerScripts stuff, so I’ll save the details.

And I manage to push out version 3 of the Reddit Karma Farming bot. Then right before the year ended, I completed an entire re-write of the app and shared version 4 with the community.

Speaking of community.

A massive thank you to everyone on the Discord server who helped out and motivated me to keep producing content. The server stats only started to show in September, so I only have four months of data to display. But in that time, the server grew from 643 to 896 members.


2021 is here. 2020 was full of challenges. It looks like many of them will continue to exist this year, but I’m going to give it my best shot to deal-with-it and improve where I can. I might have to put the annoying positive attitude on steroids and turn it into rabid optimism. Everything is going to be okay.

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