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Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Controller includes numerous new features that completely enhances the gaming experience, making it a generally well-liked product among customers. Released in 2016, this edition seems to be a step-up from earlier models, especially in terms of physical appearance, where the controller sports a “textured grip” and a “sleek streamlined design.” In addition, it also includes a 35 mm headphone jack, which supports almost all third party headphones, and the ability to button map for preferred controls. The controller also allows for easy wireless gaming, using Bluetooth technology that gives players the ability to use the controller on any Windows 10 PC, tablet, or phone, and twice the wireless range.

The vast majority of Amazon customers who bought this product, a whopping 62%, rated this product five stars. In general, most customers satisfied with the new features, especially the new design and the wireless capabilities. In fact, a plethora of comments mentioned how easy it was to play with, especially with the new design that requires less of a grip, allowing players to play for much longer periods of time without worrying about issues like hand cramps. The ease of setting the controller up was even more of a crowd-pleaser. Many people were satisfied by the limited steps needed to sync the controller with the gaming device, thanks to the Bluetooth technology and increase wireless range. Other liked features include the texture of the joysticks, the dimmed light of the Xbox Controller guide at the center of the controller, and the inclusion of not one, but two sensors at the bumpers of the controller, which all help players have a more accurate and enhanced gaming experience.

Many customers praised the resolution of a common issue in handheld controller gaming: stick drift. This common annoyance in which the joystick of a controller will read movement in the game even when the player is not touching it is a large reason as to why many of the buyers of this product looked into buying another controller in the first place. The stiffness of the joystick in the Xbox Wireless Controller gives the player more control over exact movements within the game, preventing stick drift. Generally, it seems that stick drift is not an issue with this controller, meaning an easier and more accurate gaming experience.

However, there are a few minor complaints that customers brought to light. For example, the headphone jack seemed to be an issue for some. While many people claimed that there headphones jacked worked well and increased the quality of gaming, there were those who complained of the delicacy of the feature. Complaints of the jacks not working quite right, or breaking internally upon a bit of force make the headphone jack an unnecessary hassle for some. Customers have also complained of the wireless connection “dropping out” every so often and interrupting gameplay, slight buzzing noises that the controller makes while connected to the device, the short AA battery life, and the flimsy feel of the plastic that makes up the shell of the controller. A frequent addition to unsatisfied customers was that they often bought multiple controllers at once, with each of them breaking or working less effectively over time, or customers returning to buy additional controllers after their first ones began to break only for their subsequent controllers to eventually break as well. It is important to note that although these complaints are frequent among those who were not completely satisfied with the product, the sheer amount of positive comments from those who were satisfied make these issues more of an exception to the product rather than an expectation.

Of those who complained, several of the issues listed above occurred randomly after a few months of normal function. This is especially of concern considering the warranty of this specific controller is only thirty days. By the time that most issues are revealed to the customer, it is much too late to even consider using the warranty. This might imply that these controllers are not made for durability, as long time use is the issue with many of those who complained. However, the light material and sensitive touch is a feature that other customers enjoyed, so the general preference for the type of handheld controller used in gaming may be nothing but subjective.

While the price may seem daunting, many customers claimed that the cost of the controller is a fair price to pay for the product you receive. Just above forty-five dollars, this is considered a steal compared to other controllers that are as new as this model. While some controllers such as this one can reach over one hundred dollars, many customers were satisfied with the products they received, especially considering the price and the multiple classic features of older models and the newer adjustments that make this controller great for gameplay.

Overall, this product is well liked by customers that bought it, and while there are those few who are not satisfied with the quality or lifespan of the XBox Wireless Controller, the newer features of it, such as the Bluetooth connectivity and the lightweight and sleek design, really makes the product stand out from other, later models.

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