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From the early daguerreotypes, passing through the birth of film, and reaching the sophisticated digital cameras we can easily find nowadays, photography has traveled a long way. Being able to preserve an image be it for history, education or communication in itself, has always been a matter of great interest. What’s more, cameras help us to create and keep memories of sentimental value. This is why, the importance of a camera lies not within the device, but in what it produces.

This is reason enough for wanting to have a good camera that would allow us to document, in the best quality possible, those moments we cherish.

However, in truth, with the top-speed advancements of the digital era and all the improvements made by camera manufacturers, it’s hard to make a bad decision when buying a camera. Even the lowest-budget device, is able to perform well and deliver photographs with more than acceptable definition.

But, for those of us who enjoy the not-so-subtle jump in resolution you can get with a more professional device, settling for a low-end camera won’t do.

The Nikon COOLPIX P900 Digital Camera delivers this, and more. Still being mid-range in terms of price, this 16mpx camera is a top-quality device that will meet all your expectations.

The P900 comes with 2,000mm of optical zoom — more than any Nikon COOLPIX yet. This is enough so that subjects barely visible with the naked eye can fully fill your frame. And if they don’t, Dynamic Fine Zoom, an enhanced digital zoom effectively doubles that reach to a 4,000mm equivalent.

This model has also built-in Wi-Fi and NFC, so you can share photos wirelessly to a compatible smartphone or tablet. It comes with advanced settings so you can adjust the COOLPIX P900’s aperture and shutter speed to control your shots exactly as you want them or overcome difficult shooting situations.

All this sounds amazing and it shows. The reviews have been mostly positive, reaching an astounding 4.5 out of 5 stars.

It’s been of general agreement that the quality of the close-ups you can shoot with the P900, is this model’s best feature.

Able to handle rough and unforgiving terrains, this camera is said to be perfect for shooting in the wilderness and not needing to change the lens.

Considering the camera’s small sensor size (1/2.3”), buyers were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the shots. The lens is said to be phenomenal, able to achieve the same zoom you’ll get only with a DSLR with a 600mm lens, making it three times more expensive, heavier and bulkier. Yet, the P900 is about the same heft as a DSLR with a 100mm lens.

On the less positive comments, users have said that the delay of the shutter can be too long, particularly noticeable when shooting at maximum resolution. It happens, as well, when operating advanced modes, such as back lighting, sports mode, bracketing, etc. This is an issue that happens in most camera models, and users where able to reduce this delay by adding a high-speed card.

Others said that the light meter/color balance can be inconsistent, and that the meter does not handle extreme lighting conditions well (whether it is too low or too bright). On this cases, using a polarizer filter can help.

The battery is said to be short-lasting, especially when zooming in and out the lens. For longer shooting sessions, carrying extra batteries could be a necessity.

On this same topic, some experienced issues with the battery indicator, since it seems to give little to no warning before reaching critical levels. The camera comes with a one 1850mAh battery, but it’s been recommended the purchase of the two 2600mAh battery with AC-DC charger set, as the higher mAh will be able to handle 500 shots per charge. Alternating between the back monitor and the eye view monitor (ideal for distance shootings for more precise focus), will help to save battery power.

The Wi-Fi transfer function has been mentioned to be problematic as well. Some buyers had trouble connecting the P900 to the desired device, while others commented not having problems at all with this feature.

Some commented that it is light and easy to carry, while others said on this same topic that the plastic exterior was somewhat feeble and would flex under pressure,

However, even with all those minor complains, the same users agreed that the camera is an amazing deal in terms of quality and price, perfect for close-ups, birding and shooting in the wilderness.

This camera cannot replace DSLR in certain functions, but it is a great addition to any photographer’s arsenal.

The reviews show that purchasing a camera is a very personal affair. What feels right for some, doesn’t really work for others, and in the end what matters is that the camera you finally decide on, feels right in your hand and like it belongs to you.

A camera should be an extension of your hand and—with all the available models, there are more than enough options to satisfy your needs.

Ultimately, it comes down to the same basic principle that rules all forms of art: you don’t need the best tools to be the best artist, and in this case, you don’t need a better camera to make you a better photographer.

The Nikon COOLPIX P900 can provide you with a myriad of settings and features, but in the end it is up to you to let your creativity take over.

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