The HOBOT Legee-669 - A Homeowner’s Biggest Time Saver - Review

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The Perfect Vacuum-Mop Robot for Your Home

On the off chance that you’ve at any point utilized a robot vacuum, at that point you realize that it is so helpful to have one of these little machines routinely vacuum your floor. HOBOT has taken this idea much further with its Vacuum-Mop 4-in-1. HOBOT’s Legee-669 mimics the procedure that experts use to wash floors and copied that in this clever gadget. Here’s the manner by which it works: The HOBOT LEGEE-669 utilizes a route framework that enables it to sidestep snags and items, correctly mapping out its way in each room. Using several laser sensors, it decides its definite position and abstains from scraping up any household items or personal possessions. The Legee-669’s powerful vacuum cleaner siphon sucks in little particles of dust and debris, and even pooch and feline hair. This amazing robot cleaner can also clean couch cushions, clean under furniture, and reach those hard to get places. The Legee-669 then mops the surface below it with no water. This takes away surface dust and dander. The next stage of the Legee’s cleaning process involves spraying water and using its mop-like pads to mop up any hard to sweep debris or dirt that is in your home. The cleaning and drying pads in the back finish the Legee-669’s cleaning cycle by quickly drying the droplets of water left by the mopping process.

The Legee-669 isn’t just great because of its ahead of the game cleaning process. HOBOT has outdone themselves with the Legee-699 in terms of customization, usability, and accessory options. Many home cleaning robots on the market today are circular in design. This means that they cannon clean corners, nor can they clean under rectangular or square-shaped objects. Aiming to solve this problem, the HOBOT Legee-669 is rectangular in design. This means it can get into hard to reach places as well as clean surfaces a normal home cleaner could not. Another great feature that was added to the HOBOT Legee-669 following complaints about the 668 was HEPA filtering. Customers wanted their Legee to not just clean the floor, but also improve the air quality of their homes. The HOBOT team took this into account when releasing the Legee-669 and as a result, the Legee-669 comes with HEPA filters that clean your home and improve the quality of the air you breath. Now that you’ve gotten some background on the Legee-669, let’s look at its strongest features as well as where it falls short.

Pros and Cons


  • Does more than the usual cleaning robot. The Legee-669 is not only able to sweep, but also mop the floor, leaving less for you to do.

  • Works on any surface. The Legee-669 can clean any surface. It can effectively clean hard wood floors, stone floors, and any other material that you throw at it.

  • Smart mapping means more efficient cleaning. The Legee-669 comes with smart mapping features that allow the user to watch as the Legee-669 cleans around the house effortlessly.


  • Inefficient on carpeted floors. The HOBOT Legee-669 is not built to clean carpeted surfaces. Its bristles making cleaning carpet near impossible for the robot.

  • Does not deep clean like a human being. At the end of the day, the Legee-669 cannot replace a human when it comes to cleaning your home. It does not have the same strength as a human, so it cannot deep clean as efficiently as a human.

Improvements from the HOBOT Legee-668 to the HOBOT Legee-669

After making products for years, HOBOT has mastered the art of making massive improvements on each new product release. There were many issues that the HOBOT team acknowledged and fixed from the release of the HOBOT Legee-668 to the Legee-669. The first and most glaring example of this was the HOBOT Legee-668’s inability to recognize carpeted floors and avoid them. The Legee line is unable to clean carpeted floors due to its layout of cleaning blades. The Legee-668 could not recognize when it went onto a carpeted floor, so it would remain motionless. The Legee-669 actively avoids carpeted floors and can sense when it is nearing one. This means the Legee-669 will never get stuck on carpets, and the customer no longer has to worry about discovering a wet carpet that the Legee failed to clean properly. Another issue that was fixed between the release of the Legee-668 and Legee-669 was the vacuum and mop overlap. There were times when the Legee-668 would mop then the vacuum would start before the water had been dried. This shortfall was fixed during the release of the Legee-669, so there is no need to worry about wet floors anymore!

What Customers Say About it

There is no better indication of how a product performs than its reviews. I looked through many of the HOBOT Legee-669’s reviews on Amazon and chose some of the reviews that I feel best describe the product.

“ This thing is amazing! It’s so simple to set up, clean, and use!! It has different options that allow a more thorough floor cover than most robot cleaning machines. I locked it in my bedroom and let it run. Came back about an hour later and it was still running although the floor was completely done. Most robots have a dead battery by then so this is my favorite one!! It will sweep and mop at the same time too so I have no need for my other iRobot. This was well worth the money!” – Amanda T.

“I didn’t think my hardwood floors had so much dust until I put this baby to work on them. After I turned it on in the bedroom I got a lot more dust out of the receptacle than I normally do from my swifter mop. Maybe I just wasn’t getting in all the corners where HOBOT was able to maneuver- especially entire area under my queen bed which is in the corner and also has a dresser partially blocking access to clean- it got around all furniture, legs of the bed frame, etc., cleaned everywhere!! Big time saver for me since I live close to a highway and do the floors weekly at least. Charging is easy- just touch the contacts, no plugging. Small foot print- I just parked it under the bed. Great investment. Looking forward to giving my back a break.” – George B.

With reviews like these, you can be confident that the HOBOT Legee-669 is the right fit for you and your home. If you want a cleaning robot that can vacuum, sweep, and is easy to use, look no further. Sit back and watch as the HOBOT Legee-669 cleans your home and makes your life easier.

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