Flat internet cable review

February 21, 2019 Edit

I purchased a flat internet cable recently and there’s no going back. The days of large bulky internet cables are gone! Welcome the sleek look of flat ethernet cables. I had some concerns about how well a flat cable would do given the conditions I needed it for, but the one I bought has turned out to be tough enough for the job.

The walls in the place I’m living in are concrete, so I can’t easily get a wired connection anywhere through the walls to my router. I’m convinced I would bring the whole building down if I tried any demolition. Thankfully, (or not depending on how you want to look at it) the door to my room has enough room for something slim to fit through. Like, a flat ethernet cable! Now I have a wired connection from the router right outside the room to my laptop. Instead of getting ~20Mb down I can achieve my full 200Mb down speed and the best uploads possible.

I was concerned that a flat ethernet cable would be flimsy and break easily when I constantly open and close the door. No so. The cable I bought has a very durable exterior and has survived weeks and weeks of me opening and closing the door.

If you’re interested in a flat ethernet cable I highly suggest picking one up. You can find a link to the one I purchased down below.

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