Automated Reality Channel Ep2 Planning

June 20, 2020 Edit

I was pretty happy to get a single episode of the automated reality channel processed and published live. It put waaaaay too much effort into something that probably isn’t going to go anywhere. It worked through! I did get episode 1 out the door, but it didn’t reach the project’s real goal.

I was hoping to collaborate with content creators to create the content assets that the episodes used. Instead, I had it sing mary had a little lamb, and I showed off my atrocious skills. For episode two, I would like to accomplish the actual goal. It’s collaborating time!

The most significant part of the “actual goal” was that paying content creators would happen through the Patreon donations. I even set up a bot so that people who were Patreon supporters could vote on ideas for the videos. Allowing people who were funding the content creation to have a say in how that content was created. But there’s not enough community or project interest to make that work. And I had no Patreon supports to help fund the content creations or vote.

But I got my first Patreon supporter!!! Shout out to Asgaroth 😼 on Discord. So, we have a budget now. Of $5 lol. It’s not much, but maybe it can help us reach the goal! Even if it’s as simple as episode one was.

As usual, I’m going to try starting small and iterating. I would like to find an artist to create two images of - well, they can be anything. As long as those things can talk. And find someone to write a short narrative between the two characters. Are you a writer or an artist who thinks it would be cool to be part of episode 2 even though we obviously have a tiny budget? Join us on discord and have a chat with us!

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